UV Equipment

VIP_4200_BedWe have five Tan America Level 2 beds featuring 42 lamps at 160 watts each (6720 watts total), body fans, and foot fans.  These beds are over-sized for all over tanning as well as comfort.

Two Level 2 stand-ups also by Tan America featuring 48 lamps also at 160 watts each (almost 7700 total watts) with built in fans.

Our Level 3 bed has 48 lamps, 4 facial tanners, as well as 8 shoulder tanners and delivers just under 9500 total watts!  WOW!

Our Level 2 units have AM/FM CD Players for your listening pleasure.

Our salon runs on Helios software for efficient management of all units.

We follow strict maintenance and disinfection protocols as well.


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